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Translations EN-GER-EN

Whether you like to call it translation, adaptation or transcreation – the best translated texts are the ones that read like originals. A good translation is like a complete blood exchange. Everything that made the source text what it was lives on. Only the language is different.

My clients include large and small businesses, NGOs, cultural institutions, advertising agencies and publishers. For them I translate:
  • Brochures
  • Website copy
  • Media releases
  • White Papers
  • Customer magazines
  • Magazine articles
  • Interviews
  • Literature



Copywriting (German and English)

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And yet, we are creatures of language. Language made of words, not pictures. There are so many things we can only express through words. The trick is finding the right ones to get your message across. I help you do exactly that. With unique copy that explains, informs, entertains, moves and piques your readers’ interest. I like copy that is clear, honest and sincere. Copy that respects the reader and deserves their attention.

  • Articles for corporate communications, including customer and employee magazines
  • Website copy
  • Brochures
  • Headlines, claims, long copy


Translations for movies and television

Audiovisual translations for movies, trailers, TV shows, corporate videos:
  • Translation of spotted subtitles
  • Subtitle spotting with EZTitles (subtitle export in various formats)
  • Translations for dubbing scripts
  • Translations for voice overs
  • Script translations
  • Translations of treatments, project descriptions for grant applications, etc.



Client list (abbreviated)

Translation (inkl. Film)
Amazon Prime
Arndt Art Agency
Bugatti / Volkswagen BDA Creative
BDI Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie
BIH Berlin Institute of Health
Deutscher Bundestag
mare Verlag
Samson & Fritaud Text
Studio Hamburg
Thieme Publishing
WWF World Wildlife Fund

Axel Springer ILS
E.ON / E.ON :agile Lenovo
Vilua Healthcare
Zieher Business Center

Literary and academic translation
Kevin McAleer. Surferboy. mare Verlag, 2015.
Kevin McAleer. Berlin Tango. KLAK Verlag, 2016.
Sarah Hayden snd Paul Hegarty, Renate Wiehager for Daimler Art Collection (ed.) Peter Roehr. Field Pulsations. Snoeck Köln, 2018 (chapters 7 + 10).